Attention to detail, a feel for the best spices from all over the world and a passion for the perfect processing of the finest pure spices – that’s what makes a good spice manufacturer. With us, the spice jars manufactured in Austria are additionally provided with our extra portion of passion every time they are filled.

With around 36,000 customers in 25 countries and an assortment consisting of 160 pure spices and 365 spice blends, we, as a SPICEWORLD spice manufactory founded in 2005, are now known by hobby and professional chefs far beyond the borders of Austria. With STAY SPICED ! we developed a new brand in 2019 and adapted the entire packaging at the same time.

The result: the perfect symbiosis of quality, taste and sustainability rounded off by innovative pleasure compositions.

We produce our exquisite spice blends without the addition of flavor enhancers, glutamates, colorants or artificial flavors. This is one of the irrevocable principles of our strict quality DNA. When it comes to cooking and enjoyment, we are absolute perfectionists. However, we never forget our environment. That is why the STAY SPICED ! Spice Jars are 100% Austrian made and 100% recyclable tinplate.

Join us on a taste journey once around the world and visit us at the S! Spice Store in Europark Salzburg.