L'Occitane, a journey begins in Provence.

At L’Occitane, we showcase the best that Provence has to offer for radiant, unique beauty. Every day, we do our best to protect the breathtaking beauty of nature. It all began in the markets of Provence. With only an alembic, a small truck and his solid knowledge of plants, the then 23-year-old Oliver Baussan started distilling rosemary oil to sell at the local market. He expanded his range with soaps and creams, inspired by the land where he grew up.

What makes L’Occitane so unique?
At L’Occitane, we strive to use high quality, traceable and natural ingredients. We use over 200 botanical ingredients, carefully selected for their effectiveness and ability to give your skin the care it needs to be radiant.

Our tips for radiant skin
Skin type, environmental factors, textures, active ingredients… it’s not easy to find the beauty routine that meets your needs. Read through the L’Occitane beauty tips to find your optimal products and discover how to get beautiful skin and body at any age.