“Why isn’t there actually a product that doesn’t require another plastic bottle or can, that does good and is so small I can throw it in a water bottle neck?” That’s what Martin thought, and while he was pondering his thoughts like that in the spring of 2016, the idea of a big thing that’s really small developed: the microdrink. And so, with his friend Christoph, his brother Henry and an incredible team, Martin put this vision into action. waterdrop ® is a company founded in 2017 in Vienna, whose mission is to help everyone drink more water for a healthier, longer and more sustainable life.

However, waterdrop ® does not sell water, but microdrinks. In a microdrink, the best fruit and plant extracts are compressed in the form of a small drop. The small, sugar-free drops dissolve in the water and enrich it with vitamins and exciting flavors. Meanwhile, waterdrop ® offers a wide range of varieties and also drops with caffeine and electrolytes, these can be tried for free in the store. To drink more water on the go, we also offer bottles made of high quality borosilicate and double-walled stainless steel.