At EUROPARK you will find a total of 12 e-charging stations for charging your electric car. 8 of them are located in the underground parking garage and 4 more on the parking deck of the shopping center. The charging stations are equipped with the common plug types (type: KEBA KC-P30, 11 KW, AC). At the charging stations you will also find corresponding information signs about the charging instructions and terms of use.

The tariff depends on your card provider. You can find your provider’s rates in the APP or on your provider’s website. As soon as billing is done by credit card, the tariff is € 4,20 gross per hour. Billing is per minute as long as the car is plugged in. When paying by credit card (or Paypal), there must be payed a minimum charge of € 2.79.

After charging we ask you to leave the parking lot to give other customers the opportunity to charge. Thank you very much!

Please note that the e-charging stations are available from Monday – Saturday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm.

All terms of use can be found here.